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Make Life Better

EnternetGlobal has a goal. Make Life Better.

How is that done? One careful step at a time.
Helpful tips when handling information and knowledge, here or in physical life situations:
Realize why the words and info and ideas are there. Because there is an ulterior purpose to it all. It can be a high or low reason, meaning that, it might be for good reasons or not really that good reasons.
Also, turn it back around to yourself, turning it inside out. Why are you seeking the words and communication? There are so many reasons for why people seek out and find information and knowledge. It can be high or low reasons also. The best category is that people are seeking truth.

Truth needs to be defined. It starts with “what is true”, which means “what are the facts”. The more we have of fact-based reality, the better we are able to compile those and to formulate a bigger picture of Truth. Truth is essentially the end result of all the true things you ever realized. Truth is an overall grasp of what reality and the universe is really about.
Thus, EnternetGlobal is here to sort through the info and determine the simple facts, that lead to the more complex Truth. Life does get better that way!