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Keyboa not on thatwikipedia (as of yet, or never)

Keyboa [1][2] is a new word coined by artist[3] and author, Ahgamen[4] [5] [6], in 1985. Keyboa originated as a spiritual name, which was spontaneously conjured from an intentional, meditational trance conducted by Peter “Touk” Edward Tasciotti in 1985. The purpose of the trance was to generate a proper name to attach to all of Tasciotti’s futuristic conceptual projects. Therefore, it is known by friends and associates that Tasciotti adopted Ahgamen Keyboa as his pseudonym, a nom de plume, an alias, to be attached to his spiritual alter ego. Many people only refer to the figure simply as, Ahgamen.

The creator of Keyboa, Ahgamen Keyboa [7] [8] is known throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City, New York, as well as many regions internationally, including: Israel, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines. He has been a world traveller since the 1970’s, especially after dropping-out of school in 1984. From 1985-2018, Ahgamen has relocated to more than 200 residences. This is connected with the definition of Keyboa being, “noble nomads”.

One of the first published articles about Keyboa and its definition is in the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper, December 9, 1993 [9] [10]. There is a Keyboa-related editorial published in the Chronogram magazine, circa 2004.

It is important to note that due to the manner in which search engines are operating circa 2018, it has been difficult to search the term, Keyboa. It should be emphasized that Keyboa is not a Keyboard. Keyboa is not related to Keyboards, other than in spelling.

The meaning of Keyboa is “spirit”, furthermore, it stands for the seeking of spirituality, seeking the Truth behind all things. Keyboa stands for four major principles: Peace, Love, Truth, Life. Keyboa contains the theory of reincarnation or past lives and multiple lives at its core.

The founder of the Keyboa movement, Ahgamen, became a father in 1990. This began an evolution of the word being more than an idealistic concept; it became attached to a family and a tribe. The notion of Keyboa being a tribe and not limited to an individual, demonstrated that Keyboa was organically expanding into a life of its own, and not merely the idea of one man. The expansion of the tribe was established on the legal level, when one of the children born to Ahgamen, was documented as Keyboa. This was at the birth of Shylah Keyboa in Hyde Park, NY, on August 17, 2006.

Keyboa is etymologically connected with: The Kaaba, Kabbalah, Kybalion, Boaz and Jachin and Boaz. Ahgamen is connected with: agua, water in Spanish; agamen, gardener in Dutch; amen in prayer, and Agamemnon, the Greek king.

In the years since Keyboa was created, the word has experienced spelling changes and usage changes. It has been guarded as an esoteric item. The earlier spellings were: Kyyboa, Kiyboa, Kyyboaz, Kyyboai, Kyyboan, Kiyahboa, and Kyybohda. It is understood by Keyboa proponents that the word is actually a shorter, abbreviated version of the full word. the full word is forbidden to be used or spoken to the public and the uninitiated, as it were.

As of 1989, Ahgamen did not believe that Keyboa should be attached to any commercialized activities. As evidence of this rule, Keyboa was never directly funded by revenue-sharing partnership on YouTube, circa 2007 or any year thereafter. In contrast to this, the related terms were included in revenue sharing partnerships, a.k.a. monetization: enternetglobal, peterappleseed, mysterey1, myzzty, rebelsof1985, protesters [11] [12] [13], and entertainmentgiant, just to name a few.

However, during the years 2015-2016, the longstanding policy was changed, shifting toward a broader utilization of Keyboa, in the business plans. As of 2018, Keyboa is included in the branding strategy and the goals of promoting Keyboa to those who are interested[14].

During the formative period from 1985-2017, many individuals have become involved with the development of Keyboa. These visionaries are experimenting with its practice as a philosophy and its vision of the future. These individuals include, but are not limited to: Julia Walsh a.k.a. [15] “JewelEyah”[16], Tamar Elhayani[17][18], Heyvazealia[19], Haum, Louis Acker[20], Serapha[21], Karen Novacich, Nancy Howland, Andi Feron, David Dodge, Ian Couch, Ian David Grein, Andras Maros [22], Mitchell Gold, Edmund the Strange Haffmann, William Bilbo Johnson, Marc Garman, Scott Richmond [23], Chris Young [24], Karedwyn, Samein Tasciotti, Zenairoh Keyboa, Arajah Keyboa, Shylah Keyboa, along with the founder, Ahgamen, a.k.a. Peter E. Tasciotti.

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