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Three Hart Children Missing in Mendocino California, One possibly located

Hart family Mendocino
Peter Tasciotti

13 days after the incident occurred there are new findings of significance. On March 26, 2018, the site of the horrific crash was first discovered. The wreckage of the Hart family’s SUV was found upside-down on the rocky shoreline, at the bottom of the 100 foot cliffs. A total of five bodies were reported found, with three unaccounted for. “Devonte Hart, 15, Hannah Hart, 16, and Sierra Hart, 12, were reported missing March 26 after the family’s SUV was found.” http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/03/where-are-hart-children-investigators-retrace-route-doomed-family-who-plunged-off-cliff.html

The fate of the three missing children and their whereabouts have been pondered as a mystery. What happened to this family? No witnesses? No suicide note? The trail of their final road trip was retraced, with not many answers or explanations resulting. Nobody seemed to know where the other three children could be; nobody even knew if they were definitely along on the trip.

Hope was fostered that perhaps the children were staying elsewhere, with friends, somewhere in Washington, Oregon, or California, dropped off before reaching Mendocino. It was hoped that the remaining three children could be found safely. Until now, there is evidence.

What started out as: two deceased parents recovered and three deceased children, but three children missing, has become possibly four recovered, two still missing. An ongoing search has been conducted by Mendocino County in coordination with other agencies, in the area of the Pacific coastline, west of Ukiah, and north of Fort Bragg. Just now, Saturday, April 7, it has been reported that a dead body has been located in the surf, amidst the search area.

The decomposing body is described as a young, black female. There is logical deduction that it may very likely be one of the two children who were missing. The confirmation has to be done by the authorities who will conduct DNA testing on the remains. This could take up to several weeks.

One has to wonder, if this is the fourth child located, to have been killed in this tragic event, why did it happen? What would cause (quite probably) the entire family to perish in this manner?

First, let us consider the major discrepancy. It boggles the mind as to why this was reported in error. For about 10 days, it had stood as fact that the two parents, Jennifer and Sara Hart were found in the front seat of their destroyed SUV. It was stated as plain fact that they were wearing their seat belts.

It recently was redacted, they were not wearing their seat belts. Repeat, they did not have on their seat belts, when the bodies were initially discovered. However, it is sustained as reported fact that the two women’s bodies were found inside of the vehicle, while three children’s bodies were found outside of the vehicle.

Were the SUV windows open, did the doors pop open? One has to wonder how did the bodies become scattered to the point that three are completely missing from the scene. The ocean tides crashing on the rocks, within a few hours or less, managed to carry away three bodies.

The questions of physically how the event unfolded are not as pressing as why? How would such a thing transpire? How could anyone do such a crime, as it is now being called by the Mendocino Sherriff?

If it is fact that Jennifer Hart was in the driver’s seat, what caused her to stop at the roadside stop, then to accelerate directly off of the cliff to certain death? Was this premeditated? What went on in her mind and the mind of her wife and partner, Sara Hart? What would bring about the double-suicide and murder of all six children?

What makes these questions more perplexing is that nobody seemed to predict it coming. No one who knew the family would have thought of this. They seemed to be such a happy family, who had everything to live for. The children were so young and had a life ahead of them, in the progressive values of their adopted parents.

What makes it chilling to understand what happened is the theory that the two adult women were not the sufficient parents of these children. Claims are abounding that they were doing their parenting in questionable ways. There is conclusion that there was child abuse. A string of reported incidents in the past attributed to the Hart mothers, would lead one to that conclusion, especially with hindsight.

This writer is of the mind that the individuals who were responsible for their family, the mothers, Jennifer and Sara, had become overwhelmed by their plans and the reactions of the outside world. They were leading an uncoventional lifestyle. The fact that two mothers were raising a brood of six is controversial in itself. What were their qualifications? How did the multiple, successive adopting agencies make the decision to approve these particular parents? What was their inspiration?

One has to face the obvious, when it comes to the documented facts. They were involved in activist issues. They were used as the poster child for harmony and diversity and peace. Devonte Hart was featured in a viral news sensation before and during the Bernie Sanders campaign. Was it a racist agenda of some sort? Was it something that backfired in the worse possible way?

It is simply a tragedy that innocents get caught in the crosshairs of politics. In some way, this is what has to be investigated. I’m not saying that they were doing anything wrong in their child-rearing. I don’t think anybody could say this, without the ample evidence. After all, there is only one conviction for an abusive incident, which occurred in 2011. There were plenty of subsequent accusations though. These are not substantiated. And that is which opens this to debate.

If they were being hounded and experienced prejudice by outsiders and the system, I am inclined to accept that possibility. Did this exert an influence in their fateful demise? Did this put undue pressure upon the parents, that they desperately gave up their lives? Did they feel persecuted?

Even if they did no abuse, which would make them innocent, what caused the deadly rush off the cliff like lemmings to the slaughter? What went on IN their troubled minds? What could push a family to such devastation? May they rest in peace. But we as a society need some answers.


Map snipped. Image  source – http://kptv.images.worldnow.com/images/16459588_G.jpg?auto=webp&disable=upscale&width=800&lastEditedDate=20180403205556


Hart Family deaths in Mendocino, California

Family of Eight found dead at bottom of cliff in the Pacific Ocean, Mendocino County, CA.

By Peter E. Tasciotti *Syndicated for scallywagandvagabond.com

Tragedy has struck and taken the lives of a family of eight travelling through Mendocino County, California on Monday, March 26, 2018. Although, only five bodies have been recovered, the three missing children are presumed dead, according to the local authorities on the scene. “The adult women, identified as Sarah and Jennifer Hart of Woodland, Wash, were found in the 2003 GMC Yukon, while three of their children were found outside of the vehicle.”

“According to the Associated Press, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman believes that all six children were inside the vehicle when it went off the cliff, likely killing the entire family”. https://www.inquisitr.com/4845900/jennifer-and-sarah-hart-devonte-harts-homeschooling-parents-werent-feeding-them-had-cps-pre-deaths-visit/ It is a sad day for America, when something happens, ending six young lives.

Sarah Margaret Hart and Jennifer Jean Hart were a married couple, who had adopted six children and were living as a family in Woodland, Washington. The mothers are reported as the same age, being either 38 or 39. The children are: Markis Hart, 19; Jeremiah Hart, 14; Abigail Hart, and missing but presumed dead, Hannah Hart, 16; Devonte Hart, 15; Sierra Hart, 12. They are a mixed, multi-racial family unit and have suffered the brunt of death threats for their lifestyle.

The Harts were known for embarking on many spontaneous road trips. They were involved with social justice causes with the whole family attending a diversity of activist events, including many Bernie Sanders campaign rallies. They were affectionately called, The Hart tribe; “a free-spirited family of two women and their six adopted children who raised their own food, took spontaneous road trips and traveled to festivals and other events, offering free hugs and promoting unity”. https://apnews.com/1d89be2d0d6c4dd69eabbabf94a1bf59

It is from their involvement in activism that the public would already know about them. A viral photo was circulating around the internet, during the time of the 2014 “Black Lives Matter” protests in Ferguson, Missouri. That emotionally-touching photo featured one of the children, Devonte Hart (aged 12 at the time), hugging a “white” police officer.

The sighting of the wrecked SUV was called in by a passerby on the Pacific Coast highway (Route 1) at 3:40 p.m, an indeterminate amount of time after the accident occured. https://usa-newnews.com/2018/03/29/jennifer-sarah-hart-5-fast-facts-you-need-to-know/ No other witnesses have come forward, who may have been there at the desolate stretch of highway. Investigators are unable to say what caused the accident, until they complete a thorough investigation, including forensics tests of the vehicle’s black box.

There are many unknowns at this point. What moved the vehicle? Was it by human will, mechanical error, or other force, causing it to plunge off of a steep 100-foot cliff to drop below onto the rocky coastline of the Pacific Ocean? What seems to be strange, is the fact that there were no skid marks on the area prior to the crash, denoting that brakes were not applied.

The fatal accident can be traced back in time to the whereabouts of the family at their residence in Woodland, Washington on Friday, March 23. They are also reported as being from Linn, Orgegon, which could be where their identifications were registered. Clark County, Washington had recently opened a child protection case regarding the Harts. This was instigated by their brand new neighbors, Bruce and Dana DeKalb. The Dekalb’s have reported that they were concerned about the Hart children. One of whom, apparently came to their residence, asking for food.

Mainstream media is apt to be playing with speculation at this point, as to the motivation behind the road trip that the Hart’s were taking. It is to be found repeatedly that the Hart’s were fleeing the Child Protection investigation. It does seem to be a possible cause. Possible also is that they could not get along with their neighbors. Many of us can relate to that predicament.

“Moms of family who drove off cliff have dark history of abuse – by Ruth Brown” https://nypost.com/2018/03/29/moms-of-family-who-drove-off-cliff-have-dark-history-of-abuse/
Much is being made of the past criminal record of Sarah Hart, who took the rap for domestic assault of one of the children in 2011. This was in the state of Minnesota, it was seven years ago. It was settled for a plea bargain and no time was served, in lieu of one year’s probation. That punishment was apparently accomplished and the individual could be assumed as rehabilitated. Yet the suspicion of recidivism is much-touted in this media speculation. That’s due to the tendency of negative thinking, as if nobody ever could learn from their mistakes!

“According to CBS News, Dana DeKalb said Devonte told her that Jennifer and Sarah weren’t feeding the children and were “punishing them by withholding food”. Bill Groener, a previous neighbor, said the Harts didn’t eat sugar and grew their own vegetables.” https://www.inquisitr.com/4845900/jennifer-and-sarah-hart-devonte-harts-homeschooling-parents-werent-feeding-them-had-cps-pre-deaths-visit/ The inquisitr needs to post a follow-up on Mr. Groener’s dietary recommendations.

We mustn’t take any sides until all the facts are in. The other side of the coin gives the many glowing reports by various family and friends, who say that the mothers and the family are happy and harmonious.

Terra Bundance is an activist who is working to promote a positive legacy of the Hart family https://twitter.com/terrabundance/status/979179418752114693 She is circulating the heart-felt words of another friend of the family, Jillian Berry, “The world lost 5 if not 8 of the highest quality individuals ever in existence yesterday and your story was salt in the deep, thick wounds that are only beginning to be licked by more people than you could imagine. I urge you to display a shred of compassion, respect and honor by retracting any seemingly slanderous statements until a thorough investigation has occurred.” https://www.facebook.com/terrabundance/posts/10160134626105371

RawStory spoke with Jeni Wren Stottrup, a friend of the family and a journalist who writes for a local weekly newspaper, to find out that the Hart mothers had recently celebrated their ninth anniversary of adopting, days before the fatal accident. https://www.rawstory.com/2018/03/boy-hugged-cop-iconic-protest-photo-may-killed-fleeing-adoptive-mothers-cliff-crash-report/

The parents and the children were also involved with music production, in a youth empowerment project. Their collaborative song can be listened to at this link https://soundcloud.com/maxirib/wolf-pak

It has already been noted that the Hart’s were frequently taking family trips. No facts are known at this juncture about their destination, if there was one? Were they intentionally going to end up in Mendocino County? Was there a rally in the area? Or were they actually headed to Sacramento, California?

That would make a lot of sense, considering that it is already proven that the Hart family does social justice activism. Presently, there are massive protests in Sacramento, due to the fatal shooting death of an unarmed black man, by police officers. If it sounds familar, it should. It is a very similar incident as the previous one in Ferguson, the protest of which the optimistic, Devonte Hart photo encapsulated.

The obvious and logical questions are: what was the Hart family doing from the time they departed their residence in Woodland, until the time of their fatal accident? Where did they spend their time? Who did they spend time with? They covered several hundred miles. There are 3 nights and 3 days in that duration.

Answering these basic questions would provide many clues about what they were doing along the road trip and possibly if there was foul play. To date, this writer has found no other news outlet forthcoming with any pertinent information. It is hoped that important facts will emerge and dispell the distasteful speculation. One does have to speculate, but please do so within the bounds of good reasoning.

There are many issues wrapped up in this tragic story, not the least of which is child abuse. There are also the loaded topics of: racism, leftism, rightism, lesbianism, police excessive force, and death threats. Let’s learn from all this or America will continue to fall into deeper civil strife.


(By Peter E. Tasciotti, intrepid reporter for the Truth)