vaccinations, immunizations, virus theory

This is one of the most important topics in the medical industry to understand. As this industry has been increasingly interfering in human living, we have been investigating diligently for decades.
Here is an example of how to communicate with the government agencies, involved in this issue:

Document: #00050;8;1a. circa 2017
To whom it may concern:

With all due respect, here is our genuine, heart-felt belief system to which we have always adhered. We believe in the separation of Church and State, as human beings who are under natural law, tolerating temporal government. While the State must not condone any religion over another, it also must not use its own rules against the superceding religious foundations of individuals and families. We postulate that although there are obvious differences in the major religions, there are equally apparent similarities, which form the common ground from which we derive universal religious principles. We believe it is self-evident that we have a Creator who created all creation and endowed us with sufficient, indigenous, inherent rights and abilities, which we hold as inalienable. We invoke all of these lawful rights, as essential to living our life, to being free in liberty, and to practicing our religion.
The physical body we inhabit is likened to a temple wherein dwells the invisible spirit. The spirit can be brought into union with the Holy Spirit, which activates natural and supernatural processes; a progression that cannot be obstructed. This spiritual power operates according to Faith and pious totality, with no distractions, additions, or modifications. Furthermore, we believe that the substances which enter the body for its sustenance are to be natural and not artificial, through eating and drinking only, as it was from the beginning of history.
Our religion prohibits the ingestion into the body of any and all vaccinations, immunizations, inoculations; by method of intravenous hypodermic needles or any other means (for the reason that these are artificial and chemical and unnecessary for our natural bodies). We are also prohibited from ingesting and/or eating any blood, blood by-products, human fetal material, etc. Our human being bodies were created long ago (at least thousands, if not millions, of years ago) and we were eternally, sufficiently suited for function without any new invented concoctions to maintain it, other than the natural, raw, organic, whole foods derived from the earth and land.
We pray for our life and bodily health to be blessed, giving thanks for any outcome. We prayed for the blessing of children and we were given them. We take our parental responsibilities seriously, being careful and protected every step of the way, according to prayer and our actions. If there is disease or epidemic in any public place, our children and ourselves will not be exposed there. If there would be a disease in any of us or our children, we would not go into public. A serious disease has not yet happened to any of our family and we pray it will never occur. As a father, I am 50 years old and I am healthier than average. The mother is almost 40 years old and is healthier than average also. The two younger children have always been healthy and able. In addtion, the two older children are likewise, with one being a young adult.
We feel that our religion is solid and true, stated and sworn as the fundamental foundation of our family’s life. We request for an understanding of our herein defined position and if necessary, a mature and intellectual dialogue.


(the undersigned)