#enter This is about entering global communication, using technology, internet, thinking, cognition, expression, documentary, study, and research. It is fundamentally a movement emphasizing awareness, consciousness, and comprehension. Our philosophical approach accepts the spiritual, supernatural, invisible level of existence. Yet at the same time, our philosophy of life is reality-based and follows naturalism, morality, and some principles of humanism. Our collective network is about individual identity, while being about the group harmony.
EnternetGlobal is a network, a group, a series of projects, a portal into knowledge, and a public aspect of the Civilogy Instituto.  Civilogy,which was founded in 1985 by Ahgamen Keyboa, is the ongoing study of human civilization and its effects upon the natural world, with the comprehensive uitilization of fact-gathering, analysis, and logic, as well as experimental, metaphysical insight.

It’s been said that the Internet and World Wide Web is evolving into a giant global BRAIN.  Yet at EnternetGlobal we know it first needs a MIND and a SOUL.  There’s a difference.  We adhere to the cosmology of body mind, spirit. Now we are going to “MIND our own business”.  You can help us with that.

Enternet Global is developing various new concepts which are somewhat interconnected.  There are 3 projects worth mentioning up front:

  1. Construction of an expansive social network which is experienced within a virtual environment, some 3D graphics, augmented reality, real-time interactions, like gaming, the system is keeping track of your ranking and anticipating your next moves.  This space is primarily educational.  It will cater to the demographic 5-15 years of age.
  2. Producing entertainment media in the form of non-linear video.  Never been done before, so we will begin with non-linear e-books, then adding more visual media into the flow.
  3. Marketing purely through product placement.  Branding at its blended best.

What We Are Doing:

Our entire project has been in the visionary process from the early 1980’s, 30+ years. After the embryonic stage, we have formulated the company’s business plan.

We are seeking to partner with the appropriate brand products to harmonize with our Eg2pod. The selection process and forging of these bonds are integral with the multi-phase public rollout. Eventually, we are going to talk mergers with the pertinent technology leaders.

There are technical specifications which can be discussed, as we create the core team on the high-tech side.

Customization of central video player
Integration with gaming system
Main prototype unit to be self-standing, operates within new hardware and ergonometric pod
All of this is innovative and future-oriented, pushing the envelope