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commented on this Alex Jones infowars video
Students Can’t Say Shooter Is “Evil” Have we produced a generation that can’t call mass murder evil? Is the SCHOOL SYSTEM the problem?
peter tasciotti
1 second ago
I am a homeschool parent, that’s true. But there are several issues here. It points to the wrong propaganda of Infowars and Alex Jones. They take the side of Israel and the NeoCons, which Trump has become, showing his true colors. Evil is an opinion; it all depends on who is saying it. Let’s not play semantics. It’s politics, plain and simple. Do you knwo the difference? This whole piece that you’re pushing here is biased and does not teach about evil. Sure we are in a battle between good and evil. Decide carefully which side you are on. I understand that David Knight is the one speaking here. He mashes together the Santa Fe Texas shooter and Hamas and Palestine. He is using a flawed equation. I hope the viewers are not buying it.
I support the Seconds Amendment and homeschooling and the use of (organic) soy as a food LOL, among other choices.