Middle Class owns homes, but that is being systematically undermined

What is the Middle Class? Who are they? If there is a middle, there is also a higher and lower class. In general, these are economic/financial brackets of American (USA) Society. The key of the Middle Class is that they are able to earn at least at the cost of living. They are earners and they can survive. In addition, they are home-owners. Well not exactly, they still are in-debt with a mortgage, but it is in some way better than renting a small apartment that is owned by some rich, absentee landlord. The Middle Class is also not living from paycheck to paycheck like the poor working class (lower class), because they are able to make enough that they can save each month or to choose what luxury items they want to spend upon.

What was meant by “war on the middle class”? This was made as an observation of what the government was doing. Usually this type of talk in the press, the media, MSM, is a part of the overall spinning deception, another form of propaganda. But remember that for every propaganda piece, the lies are actually intertwined with the facts, therefore some Truth can be gleaned from it, by using a sort of “reverse engineering”. Be aware! Use scrutiny to uncover what they are hiding. And sometimes, they are hiding what they are doing, in plain sight!

What was being done to the Middle Class, the Democratic Party blamed on the Republicans and vice versa. Do you take a side and believe one of the finger-pointers across the aisle? It is slightly appealing to join one of the two teams, isn’t it? Yet both parties are in on the same wicked game, one hand washes the other. All of this tit-for-tat, he-did-it-she-did-it, all required for their constant spinning and swirling of lies that is the disaster of the downward spiral of this insane current world-Empire.

We could attribute the blame onto what is called globalism. Or it could be called oligarchy. Or it could be called neo-feudalism. Or the neo-cons, the neo-libs. The full picture reveals that it is a combination of all these categories of world forces. The powers-that-be, the organized mafia gang of government, decided that it would be best to weaken the relatively-powerless Middle Class and loot its collective wealth. This covert plan of action would be best for the elites, the globalists, the criminals in power. It quite simply would be best because all of that money would be cleverly redistributed from those who rightfully-earned it to those who were the lobbyists of the government.

What evidence do we have of this treasonous swindle? Or let’s start with the evidence of homeownership percentage. What do these statistics and charts depict? What is the take-away message?