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  1. … Daramulum reference?

    The Ethernet a Global logo I have analyzed a bit. Let me know if I overlapping with some of your thoughts in its creation.

    Teal color is associated with the throat chakra. A mix of sky blue and nature green.

    You have a head divided with what looks like a yin/yang. Duality. Divided. Spiral is a curved path, bent path, twisted path.

    Black and white duality again.

    Alpha and omega. Two extremes. Duality.

    Question mark is the mystery.

    The 88 I have been seeing a lot of… we are approached with a dual infinity. I have tried to think of the 8’s with the Kabbalah and I think of 2 two 6 pointed stars and how they could be represented by a 33. When you take a 33 and mirror one of the 3s you create an 8. So if you have two 8s then you would be cleverly disguising the Kabbalah using another symbol being the Yin/yang or perhaps the yin/yang is the same symbol as the kabbalah just dressed up differently for another culture that also practiced the art of divination.

    If that is the case, the old Nintendo game Double Dragon takes on a whole new meaning… I have seen 2 dragons or snakes on that sacred tree diagram depicted in a plethora of different ways.

    We must be speaking of the Kundalina Serpent when you speak of KEYboa. The key to the mind by having the serpent ascend up the back.

    The question becomes what is being unlocked and should that box stay closed?

    I heard Pandora had a box as well and something’s should be left untouched regardless of how alluring they might be. What are your feelings on that?

    I can see you and I are familiar with many of the same topics as well as provide our commentaries to a morally decaying world. I may not be perfect but I am far from completely wretched either. I think for the sake of maturity and longevity (not in the physical because that clock is looking shorter than expected) one should fully commit to one of the other. By that I mean complete obedience to morality or complete failure because I don’t think the middle is of much use.

    What does your logo speak to you? I suspect you to be one who puts much thought into these things.

    I recently came across in my readings that religions of fire worship go hand in hand with stellar worship. That is opening some new areas of thought and from there I will need yet another thought when think in terms of water. You mentioned once you could play on both sides and that is making more sense to me now. I wondered to myself… both sides of what exactly? But I reflected and looked at politics (sorry about this analogy, I think you would make a poor politician anyways because of your views on morals) which made me think of the false dichotomy presented there.

    I feel like we have spiritually blind people leading human cattle (losing the human part quickly) to their demise out of their bitterness and poor decision making. They lost their spiritual eye so they take our sight from us through trickery. I noticed the Hermetic Kabbalah plays a pivotal role. Hermes was a “trickster” god. This is the divine comedy I heard about my whole life?

    I find it more twisted than funny really… I might laugh at the circus some days but I would prefer if it would just stop. A little less clowning around would be preferred and maybe a more formal learning process with less manipulation?

    A man working for a man that’s work for another man….

    People emulating just pure garbage media and wondering why their lives are so empty…

    How did we get to here when it started with Emus? And how did you upset he YouTube Conglomerate enough to X out all your channels. That was pretty rude and I would be pretty bitter about that because they was an immense amount of media you had online.

    1. There are some enemies in shadowy places. They hide behind technology because they are cowards. That is their way of life. They think they can control society by hiding and not admitting to their actions. It boils down to the fact they are against Truth. They live in fear. They are ignorant.
      What did I do to youtube? Triggered in them more fear than somebody than say Michael Savage or Alex Jones. Because I am an individual or a force that they do not quite understand. I cannot be categorized and therefore it does-not-compute for them.
      I’m bitter, but I GET EVEN. Anyhow, i look at it another way, I needed a break. Actually they did me a favor. Overall the motto is to take the bad with the good.


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